Business survey – Economy for Tomorrow

24.08.2021 News

As part of the ffg project “Economy for Tomorrow”, the Social Business Hub Styria is working with its partners on new forms of corporate sustainability. A company survey is currently being carried out for this purpose. We look forward to the participation of Austrian companies directly via the link in German (sharing allowed!).

The questionnaire is part of a twelve-month project “Economy for Tomorrow”, in the context of which application-oriented strategies for sustainable and successful business will be developed. The aim is to create practical methods and tools that enable companies to do business successfully AND socially sustainably in their core business.

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How social businesses generate social impact

There are different ways in which a social business can combine impact with an economic business model. In an integrated approach impact is directly generated through commercial activities. Target groups are part of the model either as employees of the company, as users of services or as customers. When customers and beneficiaries differ the situation is more complex and a differentiated impact business model applies. “Sustainable” businesses generate impact by using environmentally sustainable processes, products or services.

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