RESONATE – REgional SOcial business iNcubATors nEtwork

The 24-month RESONATE project aimed to connect Regional Social business iNcubaATors from Austria, Spain and Italy in a nEtwork to exchange knowledge on their current practices in relation to providing training, mentoring, coaching activities to social entrepreneurs in their regions (surroundings of Graz, Milan and Barcelona). Short-term joint staff training session were implemented in order to share and discuss good practices and develop competences of 12 trainers, coaches, mentors of the participating organizations. Different methods was shared in order to improve capacities within the three social business incubators to provide higher quality, more modern training activities, coaching, mentoring to social entrepreneurs. The project directly resulted in a small transnational network of regional players in the field of social entrepreneurship with a potential to grow at European level. By developing the key competences of social entrepreneurs, we help them better start up or scale up their businesses and be able to reach higher impact within their operating field, being that either helping people with fewer opportunities, tackling environmental challenges or contributing to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations.

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Training sessions and public workshops

Joint staff training sessions had similar structure in each country with special thematic focus building on the complementary expertise of the organisations:

  1. Interpretation of social entrepreneurship, regional eco-system mechanisms, policy support and recognition of non-formal learning.
  2. Finance market, relations with investors, investment readiness programmes and impact assessment.
  3. Good practices in relation to engagement of social entrepreneurs as learners and training portfolio and methods.

RESONATE project focused on providing transnational peer-learning activities for social business incubators that provide their training services to social entrepreneurs operating more as a business rather than a non-profit organisation. The planned impacts of the project are mainly at staff, organisation, local and regional level. Learning outcomes for participants was a better understanding of the different regional social entrepreneurship eco-systems, its organisational and financial aspects, impact assessments, creation of training portfolio and usage of different methods, enhanced knowledge on supporting decision-making. Participants’ competencies in relation to the use of innovative tools within their training, mentoring and coaching activities was also increased. The participating social business incubators improved their organisational capacities and training opportunities. Social entrepreneurs could benefit from a more modern, adequate to the 21st century challenges training methods and trainers, mentors with higher expertise.


Here you can find the outputs of the RESONATE project. The working papers present the key elements of the training sessions with reflections, conclusion and discussion points.

The case studies includes a short description of social entrepreneurs, who met the representatives of the RESONATE partnership and presented their business cases.

Network and community

The project supports indirectly those social entrepreneurs that operates in the three regions and those people of disadvantage background for whom these small business work for.

RESONATE project has also a long-term objective to make this strategic partnership possible to grow with the involvement of other international partners.

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