SWUP – Switch Start-up

The SWUP project aims at organising events to improve connectedness and market reach among participating start-ups. Targeted and moderated communication and networking will result in possible internationalisation, opening of new market possibilities and business expansion. Work with mentors influence the entrepreneurial know how of the participating start-ups and develop their competencies and competitiveness at the same time.

Investor meet ups as part of “SWUP” events extend the investment accessibility for each startup. This meet ups will also provide participants the competent feed-back of investors and mentors to their ideas/ventures that is important for their development.

“Incubator to incubator” presentations strengthen the competencies of the participating incubator management and enable an insight to the structure and operations of other incubators. The exchange of experiences and good practices can improve the efficiency and professionalization.

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According to the “SAA-2027” strategy regarding, topic 5.2. of the agenda (Cohesive regional development) the project actions would stimulate local private sector to maintain and create employment, improve public and private connectivity and mobility and strengthen community cohesion.

The project aims to establish a bridge between regions that will include and connect startups and incubation centres in the the Alps-Adriatic region. By contributing to the formation of networks, project partners will also enable the development of business and contribute to survival of start up`s and employment possibilities.

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