Our Testimonials

With the motto “We save the world! Are you in?” the Social Business Hub Styria not only tries to motivate young entrepreneurs to become active and solve a societal or ecological problem. The campaign also aims to create awareness of impact-oriented business within the general public. The Social Business Hub Styria is supported by prominent Styrians from various areas. They show as testimonials why Social & Green Entrepreneurs are indispensable nowadays when it comes to topics such as sustainability and innovation.

“I believe that on the one hand the awareness-raising that the Social Business Hub Styria is running and on the other hand the support that it offers are very important. Knowing that there is someone I can ask things about, who can help me with applications for funding, for example, or connect me with people who have already done it, can only be positive and help me to avoid making mistakes. I think that’s really great and important.
Pia Hierzegger, actress, director, screenwriter
“Organizations like the Social Business Hub Styria are worth their weight in gold, especially in this pioneering phase, which we are still in. The entrepreneurial aspect and the networking of entrepreneurs is a very decisive factor. The more professional such supporting organizations work, the better it is for the social business sector in Styria.”
Thomas Spann, managing director of the Kleine Zeitung
“I think you have seen in the past how important organizations like the Social Business Hub Styria are, because they can be a catalyst and help young entrepreneurs to create something really big. This support is very important, especially at the beginning, because you are always faced with new challenges and because, in addition to success, you always have to deal with setbacks, which is a completely normal part of the process.”
Roland Fink, Managing Director of niceshops GmbH
“It is extremely important that there are organizations like the Social Business Hub Styria. Simply because we believe that a lot of people stay in voluntary work if they have a good idea or for example, are trained to establish an NGO. Some just believe that they shouldn’t make any money from it because what they do is something social and that it’s something negative if it’s monetized. That’s why we think it’s really important that there are contact points like the Social Business Hub Styria that are present and shows that things work differently.”
Sarah Kampitsch u0026amp; Anna Majcan, Grazer Frauenpreis-Siegerinnen und Aktivistinnen, Initiatorinnen “Catcalls of Graz”
“I think it’s great that the Social Business Hub Styria offers a network where you can exchange ideas, where you can also get competent answers to questions, because often the first impulse is that you want to change something and don’t want to be like the others . You have an idea, but you don’t yet know where it will take you. That’s why it’s important to bring people together who have good ideas and contribute know-how.”
Nora Tödtling-Musenbichler, director of Caritas
“The work of the Social Business Hub Styria is very important, because in addition to entrepreneurial courage, you also need support. I can have an idea, but maybe I lack experience. I need then experts who can help me with their know-how, who build bridges for me and support me in exchanging ideas with like-minded people. So that something good comes out of it in the end.”
Fred Ohenhen, Integration Ambassador and Project Manager for intercultural educational work at ISOP
“You often have the feeling that the problems are so big that you cannot do much about them yourself. That’s why organizations like the Social Business Hub Styria are needed, which make it clear to entrepreneurs that implementing solutions is often much easier than it might appear at first glance and which spread and push the topic of “Social & Green Entrepreneurship”.
Katharina Schellnegger, Culture Manager and Sustainability Officer at Styriarte
“The Social Business Hub Styria builds on know-how that many startups do not have. Suddenly you have an idea that you are convinced of, but you don’t know how to start or what other challenges are still waiting on the way. If some hurdles suddenly seem too big, you quickly lose your motivation and drop the idea. And this is precisely where an organization like the Social Business Hub Styria is helpful for many young entrepreneurs. A support, a network, simply great people who pass on their expertise in this field. Startups can grow with such support and assistance.”
Johnny Ertl, Ex-Soccer Star, Nature Ambassador & Moderator
“I am an enthusiastic mentor of the Social Business Hub Styria and I am pleased how many great innovations are coming out of Styria. I’m doing this because we live in a time of crises. We have crisis resource shortages, real emergencies, both environmental and socio-political. The situation has not been as tense as it is now for a long time and solutions are needed. And there are no better solution providers than startups who bring innovations to the market and can react quickly to such new crisis situations.”
Bernadette Frech, Managing Director of Instahelp