Currently in SBHS Incubation Programme


At bettilicious you can get vegan and sugar-free energy balls and muesli mixes – everything for a quick & healthy energy boost! The products combine 100% taste without a lot of frills! 100% natural ingredients, vegan, handmade, no additives, no artificial colors, no added flavors & no added sugar. For lasting energy with the power of dates. Because healthy snacking can be so easy!

“I am happy that I can work together with experts on my vision and my strategic direction and I am looking forward to the exchange, the input and the resulting new ideas”.

Bettina Ganglberger, founder of bettilicious



Konomondo is an interactive roll-playing game (RPG) that aims to make math tutoring cheaper and more sustainable in a playful way. In single or multiplayer mode, players are given targeted mathematical learning content based on their existing knowledge. The focus is on exercises that are embedded in the story of the game and should lead to an active learning process. The game is initially aimed purely at mathematics at high school level and will later be expanded to other school levels and subjects. The aim is to promote cost-effective, cross-class and cross-subject teaching.

“The Social Business Hub Styria offers us the opportunity to network with people who – like us – are interested in a fairer and more sustainable world.”

Michael Fuchs and Gerhard Dorn, co-founders of Konomondo



Design holds the potential to drive change. That’s the motto of RAWTY, the purpose-driven design studio. With their work, the team aims to help brands to succeed in order to pursue their goals going beyond pure profit. Brands that want to make a positive contribution to nature and society, just like RAWTY itself. Using circular and regenerative design, RAWTY creates authentic brands that inspire customers to become part of a better future.

“As part of SBHS, we look forward to strengthening our impact as designers and working together on our future.”

Sophia Stöhr, Christian Leban, Tessa Sophia Huber, co-founders of RAWTY



The vision of the Sonnenschmiede? Photovoltaics on every apartment building! Sonnenschmiede acts as a general contractor and offers a unique all-round carefree package: from the initial analysis to system operation – all of this is possible with the Sonnenschmiede model. The system remains 100% owned by the house and apartment owners. Everyone in the house can now obtain green solar power – voluntarily and at fair prices.

“I’m particularly looking forward to new perspectives and peer-to-peer networking – I still see a lot of undiscovered potential in us, which we can make tangible with the help of the impact incubation program.”

Johannes Frühmann, co-founder of Sonnenschmiede



Everything on track? The future of sustainable and barrier-free mobility is inextricably linked to the rail mode of transport. However, a “shift to rail” requires a significant increase in the existing capacity. On the one hand by expanding the infrastructure and on the other hand by increasing the efficiency of the existing rail infrastructure. In this context, evias support this increase in efficiency and this happens digitally, sustainably and innovatively.

“I’m looking forward to further developing the idea with SBHS in an impact-oriented manner. Because of my strong technological background, I think I can get to know some new views, ideas and contacts here.”

Matthias Landgraf, founder of evias



Waste? – Papperlappapp! Creative, 100% recyclable and regionally produced children’s play worlds made of corrugated cardboard, that create space for children’s ingenuity and set no limits to their thirst for adventure. The corrugated cardboard, which is notorious as a pure packaging material, binds more CO2 than it releases in its production and can now shine as a model recycling product in a new and probably the most beautiful area of ​​​​application: in sustainable children’s products!

“I look forward to further developing my project in an inspiring and creative environment, as well as valuable input – especially in topics that are not in my area of ​​expertise.” – Elisabeth Flik, ​​Founder



With partners from creativity research, art and business, artSIP is developing an app that not only makes a wide variety of art, culture and handicraft offers visible in the city – from improv shows, pottery to painting and spice mixing. This is done in spontaneously and flexibly accessible for hectic everyday life. It also systematically promote own creativity development on the basis of a personal, AI-based creativity dashboard.

“Through the incubation programme, we not only want to be economically successful, but above all to scale our sustainable impact and raise it to a new level! “ – Jasmine Dhanani, Founder & CEO



Simply cycling together: cyclebee is developing a personalized all-in-one cycle tour app and combines inspiration, planning, navigation and documentation in one compact and clear tool. Cycle holidays for everyone – regardless of fitness level, expertise, time budget, that is the declared goal of cyclebee. Smart features promote collaboration within your own travel group, family, with local tourism providers and with the cyclebee community.

“With the SBHS we want to create impact on many levels: for the environment, for regional tourism, for people, for cycle tours and for our corporate culture. Together we will make cyclebee fly!” – Katharina Köglberger, CEO



Sport and sustainability are currently difficult to combine. Three female founders from the Digital Entrepreneurship degree program (FH JOANNEUM) want to change this. They are developing an organic sports drink in the form of a water-soluble tab: pre-dosed, needs-based and sustainable. This contributes to the optimal supply of nutrients during sport and, thanks to the innovative product form, does not require any unnecessary packaging waste or plastic.

“Tomorrow’s world needs strong founders who prioritize social and ecological issues!” – Hannah Scharf, Management of International Business Processes

“I’m really into the startup scene! With the incubation programme, I want to delve even deeper, offer our passion and idea a stage and expand our network in a targeted manner.” – Julia Ströhle, InterMedia

“The start-up program offers the opportunity to realize your own idea with the support of experts and at the same time make a valuable contribution in terms of sustainability.” – Eva-Maria Polz, dietician and sports nutrition coach



Sustainable fashion consumption is usually associated with doing without or with high prices. threesixnine wants to change this with their online shop by using the shared economy trend and offering a wide range of fashion based on subscription models. The team wants to enable young people to live out their fashion-conscious lifestyle without making any sacrifices and to be able to enjoy a monthly variety of clothing while at the same time playfully reducing their own ecological footprint.

“”We are pleased to receive important practical tips and support on our way to founding our business idea and to be able to build up a valuable network through the SBHS incubation program.” – Erleta & Elita Mehmeti, founders