Currently in SBHS Incubation Programme


monstory is a collaborative digital storytelling app that supports young people to share their thoughts, experiences and messages with others. As a digital tool, monstory promotes personal expression and creativity in order to actively participate in society. Language and communication are the focus to achieve a significant social impact. Be heard and shape the world around you with monstory!

“I look forward to working with the Social Business Hub Styria and further developing monstory together to support young people to develop their voices.”

Marie Knaus, project manager of monstory



We make electric vehicle charging super easy.
easily redefines the future of electric car charging. With the innovative easily app, drivers of electric cars can be connected with owners of private and semi-public charging stations. The solution can be used for private households, apartment buildings and companies. This creates a multi-sided platform that makes an easier transition to electric cars possible for everyone.

“I am convinced that easily makes a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and social inequalities. Our goal is therefore that everyone who would like to drive electrical vehicles also has the option of charging.”

Norbert Rainer, Customer Success


Sustainable Events Club DACH

On the basis of knowledge transfer and knowledge exchange and the development of a strong community, ALL events in the DACH region should be planned & implemented by 2030, taking into account the 3-dimensional sustainability orientation. The team would like to unite the experts of the sustainable event industry and event managers and make its concentrated knowledge available in high quality in order to promote a sustainable transformation of the event industry.

“I am happy to be able to work on the strategic direction of my company with the great experts from the Social Business Hub Styria and to bring my company and my visions to the next level in a structured way and to be able to learn from other founders.”

Sarah Sommerauer BSc MA, Founder & CEO Sustainable Events Club DACH



Initiative to promote a circular economy in the arts and culture sector.

The circulART MATERIAL HALL saves material from art and cultural institutions and accompanies them into a circular system. Storage space is offered to store exhibition materials, stage sets, props and much more. Material that is no longer required is resold or rented out. The sustainable idea is in the foreground and the living circular economy is the engine. The team wants to make the cultural area more ecological and make the CO2 savings visible.

“I am very happy to be included in the start-up program and I am already benefiting from the many new contacts, the nice encounters and the excellently structured program.”

Max Gansberger, founder of the circulART MATERIAL HALL


Ruf der Erde

Shaping the future of sustainable living!

Ruf der Erde strives to be a pioneer in promoting sustainable living and the use of green technology. The team creates ecological model house parks for Tiny Houses and Greentechs in symbiosis with historical properties for the active preservation of cultural assets and sustainable revitalization. An immersive experience is also offered online thanks to high-quality 3D visualizations and the latest VR technologies. The goal is to be a holistic platform for all those who share an interest in sustainability and innovation. Together for a future fit for grandchildren.

“A little more breeze here, there’s still a lack of seasoning there, stir vigorously once and let it soak slowly! We look forward to the input of the Social Business Hub Styria, to a valuable network and to perfecting our business recipe together.”

Christian Lamprecht & Sandra Adlmann, founding team “Ruf der Erde”



At bettilicious you can get vegan and sugar-free energy balls and muesli mixes – everything for a quick & healthy energy boost! The products combine 100% taste without a lot of frills! 100% natural ingredients, vegan, handmade, no additives, no artificial colors, no added flavors & no added sugar. For lasting energy with the power of dates. Because healthy snacking can be so easy!

At bettilicious you can get vegan and sugar-free energy balls and muesli mixes – everything for a quick & healthy energy boost! The products combine 100% taste without a lot of frills! 100% natural ingredients, vegan, handmade, no additives, no artificial colors, no added flavors & no added sugar. For lasting energy with the power of dates. Because healthy snacking can be so easy!

“I am happy that I can work together with experts on my vision and my strategic direction and I am looking forward to the exchange, the input and the resulting new ideas”.

Bettina Ganglberger, founder of bettilicious



Konomondo is an interactive roll-playing game (RPG) that aims to make math tutoring cheaper and more sustainable in a playful way. In single or multiplayer mode, players are given targeted mathematical learning content based on their existing knowledge. The focus is on exercises that are embedded in the story of the game and should lead to an active learning process. The game is initially aimed purely at mathematics at high school level and will later be expanded to other school levels and subjects. The aim is to promote cost-effective, cross-class and cross-subject teaching.

“The Social Business Hub Styria offers us the opportunity to network with people who – like us – are interested in a fairer and more sustainable world.”

Michael Fuchs and Gerhard Dorn, co-founders of Konomondo



Design holds the potential to drive change. That’s the motto of RAWTY, the purpose-driven design studio. With their work, the team aims to help brands to succeed in order to pursue their goals going beyond pure profit. Brands that want to make a positive contribution to nature and society, just like RAWTY itself. Using circular and regenerative design, RAWTY creates authentic brands that inspire customers to become part of a better future.

“As part of SBHS, we look forward to strengthening our impact as designers and working together on our future.”

Sophia Stöhr, Christian Leban, Tessa Sophia Huber, co-founders of RAWTY



The vision of the Sonnenschmiede? Photovoltaics on every apartment building! Sonnenschmiede acts as a general contractor and offers a unique all-round carefree package: from the initial analysis to system operation – all of this is possible with the Sonnenschmiede model. The system remains 100% owned by the house and apartment owners. Everyone in the house can now obtain green solar power – voluntarily and at fair prices.

“I’m particularly looking forward to new perspectives and peer-to-peer networking – I still see a lot of undiscovered potential in us, which we can make tangible with the help of the impact incubation program.”

Johannes Frühmann, co-founder of Sonnenschmiede



Everything on track? The future of sustainable and barrier-free mobility is inextricably linked to the rail mode of transport. However, a “shift to rail” requires a significant increase in the existing capacity. On the one hand by expanding the infrastructure and on the other hand by increasing the efficiency of the existing rail infrastructure. In this context, evias support this increase in efficiency and this happens digitally, sustainably and innovatively.

“I’m looking forward to further developing the idea with SBHS in an impact-oriented manner. Because of my strong technological background, I think I can get to know some new views, ideas and contacts here.”

Matthias Landgraf, founder of evias