Social and Green Entrepreneurship

doing business for a social cause

Social and green entrepreneurship is, at its most basic level, doing business for a social cause. Social entrepreneurs combine commerce and social issues in a way that improves the lives of people connected to the cause.

We inform, train and coach social and green entrepreneurs in the start-up phase and provide networking opportunities. We support the development and scaling of business models with sustainable, social impact.

We coach, provide training programs, networking and collaboration opportunities for social enterprises. We support them to establish a sustainable business model and to scale their impact to achieve social change.

Impact Incubation Programme – full support for change makers!

We inform, qualify and network social entrepreneurs in the development and scaling of business models with a sustainable social impact.

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Impact Acceleration Programme – Turbo for Social Impact

We qualify, advise and network growth-oriented social ventures in establishing a sustainable business model and using qualified scaling processes to turn a solution for a few into a standard solution for many.

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Our social business approach is based on clearly defined criteria. The fulfillment of these elements enables the clear identification of socially impactoriented companies


Tackling social challenges according to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is the main driver for activity (vs. voluntary action based on corporate social responsibility).


The approach to solving a social problem is implemented on the basis of entrepreneurial activity. This includes the development and supply of market-driven products and services for paying customers (vs. voluntary or non-commercial activity).


The economic goal is to cover the whole range of possible expenses from generating turnovers by providing goods and services for the market. Significant profit shares are reinvested in impact orientation (vs. predominant cost coverage through grants, donations, etc.).

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