Boosting social entrepreneurial thinking in Zagreb

Rüdiger Wetzl-Piewald and Kirsten Tangemann, experts of Social Business Hub Styria participated at a workshop on social innovation in entrepreneurship on 8 November 2023 in Zagreb, Croatia organised by Brodoto. They presented Social Business Hub Styria and told about the different aspects of social social entrepreneurship and how to link it to conventional business and non-profit sectors. They shared their view what is the role, risks, motivation of social entrepreneurs when establishing and running a social business. The impact chain model and impact categories were also discussed in detail.

The workshop was part of the LearningTogether project, in which Brodoto and Social Business Hub Styria (SBHS) cooperates to share expertise on different topics and establish new training opportunities within their own organisation. Before this workshop, SBHS and Brodoto jointly developed the content of the workshop, that was implemented within the Crowdfunding Academy by Brodoto’s experts, Branimir Radakovic and Petra Jurlina.

There were eight Crowdfunding Academy participants, each with an entrepreneurial idea and interest for positive impact making. They got a strong insight on the value and importance of sustainability of their ideas and projects. That kind of business planning was new for the majority of the participants coming from the non-profit sector, who did realize that they need to start thinking that way. There were also representatives from the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb, Davorka Vidović, who teaches social entrepreneurship and is active in its legal recognition and promotion in Croatia. Furthermore, Hermes Arriaga as the head of the Impact Hub Zagreb also participated and gave valuable feedback to the project and expressed interest in further collaboration. 

Similar cooperative workshop will be organised on 12 December 2023 in Graz on the topic of crowdfunding, when companies currently in the incubation programme of Social Business Hub Styria and other interested can take advice from crowdfunding experts of Brodoto.

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