RESONATE training session and workshop in Milan

02.05.2022 News, RESONATE

Financing options, impact measurement, exciting insights into the Italian social business landscape. The workshop week in Milan further strengthened the European social business community.

The RESONATE project, coordinated by the Social Business Hub Styria, aims to network regional social business incubators from Austria, Spain and Italy and exchange knowledge about current practices regarding training, mentoring and coaching activities for social entrepreneurs in the respective regions (Styria, Milano, Barcelona). This time the training session and workshop took place in Italy, more precisely in Milan. The knowledge exchange session of the European social business community, organized together with Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini and Facto assessors SCCL , gave us the opportunity to discuss topics such as financing social enterprises or impact assessment, including gender equality aspect.

The first day of the RESONATE training week in Milan gave the workshop participants an insight into the regional social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Milan. The program included presentations by The Hub LVenture Group , MilanoLuissHub , Vitality Social , Spazio Meta , SIT – Social Innovation Teams and the Milan City Council on the premises of the MilanoLuissHub. The day ended with a visit to the “Zero Percento” social business .

Tuesday started at the RESONATE training session in Milan with interesting presentations on funding and investment support for organizations in the start-up sector, gender equality and fair working conditions in connection with business models based on digital platforms. After a networking lunch, the Social Business Hub Styria board team Kirsten Tangemann and Rüdiger Wetzl-Piewald gave an overview of the Austrian social entrepreneurship investment landscape, that was followed by a tour of the start-up accelerator of the Luigi Bocconi University of Economics and Business, B4I – Bocconi for Innovation , and the chance to speak to the founders of LeRagazze – Bookclub .

On Wednesday, a brainstorming session continued, which dealt with the topic of which steps are necessary for social enterprises to make investments. Afterwards, Benedetta De Pieri from the “Politecnico di Milano” gave a presentation on the subject of impact measurement via Zoom. After that, the Social Business Hub Styria and Facto Cooperativa SCCL gave an insight into the Austrian and Spanish approach to the topic. After the lunch break, the program continued with a presentation by Facto on the possibilities of financing social enterprises in Spain. Kirsten Tangemann then addressed the issue of measuring the impact of incubators, followed by input from the Spanish colleagues on the subject. The day ended with a FABRIQ evaluation case presented by Federica Piron.

The first half of the 4th day of the RESONATE training in Milan was all about the topic “Innovation and Inclusion”. There was an interesting discussion with Barbara de Micheli, Head of Social Justice Unit at FGB.

In the afternoon, after a presentation by the company Hackability , a public workshop on “Tech for good” was on the agenda.

Before we went home on Friday, the morning spent together was used to reflect on the whole week in the group and to record what we had learned.

And what will the participants take away from the RESONATE workshop?

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