Start of the Testimonial campaign „We save the world! Are you in?“

02.12.2022 Allgemein

In addition to finding innovative ideas to improve the world, the Social Business Hub Styria aims to create greater awareness of impact-oriented business within the general public. In order to achieve this goal, we deliberately searched people who, on the one hand, identify with the topic and, on the other hand, are already making an active contribution to addressing or solving the problems of our time. This resulted in the testimonial campaign “We save the world! Are you in?”

Prominent Styrians support the testimonial campaign “We save the world! Are you in?” Photos: SBHS, AchromaticStudio, PRONTOLUX, Nadja Fuchs

The Social Business Hub Styria is pleased that following public persons are inspired by the topic and involved them as testimonials:

Pia Hierzegger, actress, director, screenwriter
Thomas Spann, managing director Kleine Zeitung
Roland Fink, managing director niceshops GmbH
Sarah Kampitsch & Anna Majcan  activists and initiators “Catcalls of Graz”
Nora Tödtling-Musenbichler, director Caritas Steiermark
Fred Ohenhen, integration ambassador and project manager for intercultural Educational work (ISOP)
Katharina Schellnegger, culture manager and sustainability officer Styriarte
Johannes “Johnny” Ertl, ex-soccer star, nature ambassador & TV presenter
Bernadette Frech, managing director of Instahelp

From now on, interviews and videos with the testimonials will be presented at regular intervals via FacebookLinkedInInstagram, the website of the Social Business Hub Styria as well as press releases.

We would like to thank you very much for the support through our testimonials!

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