27 Apr 2021

Impact Tuesday SPECIAL


Climate crisis, risk of poverty, loneliness, waste of resources, equal opportunities, demographic change….

Can the business community with its entrepreneurial approach contribute good solutions to the numerous environmental and social challenges of our time?

Yes it can! More than 150 companies in Styria have already proven that innovative solutions which are beneficial for people and/or environment can also serve as the basis of their entrepreneurial activities.

For the second time since 2019, the Social Business Club Styria (SBCS) is publishing the Social Business Report, an exciting report on the community of Styrian social entrepreneurs. We put a spotlight on those persons who want to improve the world by entrepreneurial means.

What exactly is social business and what has it got to do with us?

How do we explain the strong growth of companies with fully sustainable core business (26.5% since 2019), which has been growing for years?

And why do these pioneering companies act as credible examples of a type of business that is fit for the future?

We will explain these and other questions at the presentation of the Social Business Report 2021!

We are looking forward to discussing these topics with you. If you are interested in developing joint projects we are very looking forward to meeting you.

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