RESONATE project – Opening transnational project meeting

23.06.2021 News, RESONATE

We have held our opening transnational project meeting within the RESONATE project. Colleagues from Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini S.r.l. and FACTO Assessors travelled to Graz in order to discuss the framework of the strategic partnership.

Our mission is to create synergies across countries to support social entrepreneurs with training, coaching and mentoring activities in their way to develop their idea and business plan, to found their company and to scale up. The RESONATE project provide an ideal framework for transfer of knowledge between the three organisations, having different background, varied ways of training methods and involve in this process different members of the social business ecosystem, including non-profit, for-profit and public sector partners.

While having complementary expertises, our vision within the REgional SOcial busiNess IncubATors nEtwork is to dedicate our work to promoting social entrepreneurship in our territory via providing competency development of impact ventures and also to adults, who are open to become social entrpreneur. In this way, we contribute to a better economic, social and policy environment for all stakeholders in adult education, social, sustainable and economic policy.

We will enhance cross-fertilization of experiences in the field of impact assessment in two approaches. On one hand, we will analyse and assess tools in relation to the impact generated by the social business incubators and/or support organisations. However, core training competencies to improve also cover the skill, knowledge development of involved entrepreneurs and ventures in relation to their own impact assessment.

Another significant spill-over of the project will be the improvement of the training, coaching and mentoring offer of each organisation through this exchange of knowlegde. Especially, reaching out to beneficiaries in rural areas.

The next step in this process will be a 5-day intensive peer-learning opportunity in September 2021. Follow our news, events and meet us and our partners at our public workshop.

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