Switch Startup – SWUP project launched

17.05.2022 Allgemein, News, SWUP project

Social Business Hub Styria participates in the Switch Startup – SWUP project within the framework of the Alps Adria Alliance (AAA) programme between 10 January 2022 and 31 May 2022 implemented by organisations representing 3 countries (Croatia, Slovenia, Austria).

The purpose of SWUP – SWITCH START UP project is to connect different startups from Croatia and Slovenia through 2 events where they will have the opportunity to exchange experiences, present themselves, agree on further cooperation and as a result expand the network of contacts and potentially ensure entry into the international market.

The first SWUP event was held on May 6, 2022 in Maribor. Companies of the Business – Technology Incubator of Krapina-Zagorje County in Krapina (CodXSolution, GVP Consulting and StitchArt) and representatives of startups from Zagreb (Detox.hr and Savior), as well participants in the BAIF entrepreneurial program particpated.

From Slovenia 12 startups – Bee Smart, Nekrep Brewery, INSLAB, Pohorske dobrote, Rok’s nut butter, Zupančič design, Juja delicacies, eAvio, Proelium Sports Agency, MDE Trade, Kreal, AREV took part. Although the entrepreneurs were from different sectors and types of activities as well as the level of development – from IT sector and various innovative applications through environmentally friendly manufacturing companies strongly engaged in raising the quality of life to studios for advertising videos – the group connected extremely well and found many points of contact.

The welcome words were held by the host representatives from the Styrian Technology Park from Maribor and RDA Podravje – Maribor followed by the presentation of the entire spectrum of entrepreneurial support in Slovenia with emphasis on the Styrian region was held. Considering the participants who were extremely interested and active, a great atmosphere was created in which everyone interacted with each other, participated in discussions, explained concepts, compared differences in the legislative frameworks of the two neighbouring countries.

The event achieved the exact goal of the project: structured interaction, focused dialogue and ultimately creating new opportunities for business growth. There was many common topics and active communication in the informal part of the event, when the participants continued networking.

The conducted questionnaire – prepared by Social Business Hub Styria – on satisfaction with the organisation and content of the event and their suggestions for possible improvements, testified the excellent reaction to this type of event. It is clear from this that this form of exchange of experiences is a real contribution to their business path, and future events are desirable.

The next event within the project SWUP – SWITCH START UP is scheduled for 20.05.2022. in Krapina, in the Entrepreneurship Center of Krapina-Zagorje County with the aim of bringing together Croatian and Slovenian startups.

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