Kick-off for the next 5 teams in the Social & Green Business Incubation Program

Last Thursday the time had come. At a kick-off event we were able to welcome the next 5 startups to our Social & Green Business Incubation Program! In a relaxed atmosphere, not only the five teams monstory , easily , Sustainable Events Club DACH , CirculART MATERIALHALLE and Ruf der Erde introduced themselves with a short pitch…

Anna Micheler-Hofer from UNICORN Graz also welcomed the entrepreneurs with relevant information about the house. The team from the Social Business Hub Styria then introduced themselves and provided details on what the startups can expect in the Social & Green Business Incubation Program over the next 12 months. We were particularly pleased that representatives of teams who have been working with us for several months on the implementation of their impact startup were also present and who were able to give the “newcomers” a personal insight into the time at the Social & Green Business Incubation Program.

We congratulate all Impact Startups on being accepted into our Social & Green Business start-up program and are already looking forward to our time together!

Anyone who would like to find out more about the Impact Startups in the Social & Green Business Incubation program can do so on our website. Information on the Social & Green Business Incubation Program is available >> here.

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