1 Okt 2021

Market of the Future 2021 – An innovation festival for Graz

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Alte Universität Graz, Priesterseminar Graz, Schauspielhaus Graz, Klima-Kultur-Pavillon

The second edition of the Market of the Future, an innovation festival for Graz, will take place on 1-3 October. It presents outstanding projects and concepts on the topics of ecology and climate protection, food and sustainable agriculture, new social and educational models, alternative economic and working models in the age of digital transformation. It invites you to a practice-oriented forum and to dialogues between art, science, culture and activism. Lectures, discussions, artistic work are in the program of the festival, which also includes the City of Graz’s Environmental Prize 2021.

The Social Business Hub Styria will be represented on 2nd October at the “Forum of Initiatives” in the Old University and is looking forward to your (mandatory) registration at https://mdz21.marktderzukunft.at/index.php/anmeldung-forum-markt-der-zukunft/

Entry is free.

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