8 Sep 2023

Bootcamp – Crowdfunding for social entrepreneurs


With a crowdfunding campaign, you can promote your product, get feedback from the market, and test whether customers are willing to pay for your product. In this workshop you will learn how to strategically plan your campaign and what you need to prepare for it in order to set up your further individual campaign roadmap in individual coaching.

With the bootcamp program we support social entrepreneurs who want to apply for the crowdfunding funding offered by the City of Graz exclusively for companies and start-ups with social and ecological added value (impact) (50% funding, 50% own contribution, max. €5,000 funding share per project) . At the workshop you will learn everything about the funding process and how a submission works.

If you are interested, please register by 5th September 2023 here.




  • Kirsten Tangemann, Board Member of Social Business Hub Styria
  • Rüdiger Wetzl-Piewald, Board Member Social Business Hub Styria
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