3rd training session of the RESONATE project in Barcelona

21.06.2022 News, RESONATE

The third training session week of the EU project RESONATE took our team to Barcelona. Exciting insights into the regional ecosystem awaited us there, which differs from ours both in terms of legal conditions and thematic aspects.

From June 13th to 17th, 2022, the third part of the EU project RESONATE took place in Barcelona. The aim of the entire project is to promote exchange and international cooperation between incubators for social enterprises. The concept for RESONATE was created together with the Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini in Milan (which we visited at the end of March) and Facto Cooperativa in Barcelona.

Our hosts in the Spanish metropolis put together an exciting program for all the five days. Several workshops, presentations and company visits took place. This varied agenda made it possible to gain a comprehensive insight into the ecosystem of social enterprises and cooperatives in Barcelona and the surrounding area. The cooperatives in particular play a very important role in the local ecosystem. Support from regional politics was discussed in some presentations.

The visits included an organisation that offers a contact point for victims of police violence and also provides them with legal assistance, a software company that has set itself the goal of getting more women interested in the IT industry and a company that offers language courses at affordable prices for e.g. migrants.

Incubators and centres that provide assistance and space for collaboration between innovative and sustainable enterprises were also visited. As a special highlight, one day before the closing session, there the team went to see a university that cooperates with many local start-ups and also offers students space to realise their projects. Here it became clear again how important the combination of training and practice and a best practice example was shown.

One of the main topics of the project week was stakeholder engagement. All three participating organizations face the challenge of serving many different stakeholder groups in their work. It is important to know your stakeholders well and to address them through the right channels. The inputs on the topic included a workshop on gamification and a public workshop on digital stakeholder engagement. The Social Business Hub Styria team was also able to provide new input on this important topic with a presentation on community management and social media.

All in all, many new impressions were gained through the project. Of course, the comprehensive insight into the ecosystem of Barcelona and the comparison between the opportunities in Barcelona and in Graz were particularly exciting. The cooperation with the partner organizations was extremely constructive and there was also enough time for networking between the individual participants. We would like to thank Facto Cooperativa for the great organization and the varied program. We are very pleased to be part of this project.

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