Contribute to the ELANET survey on social entrepreneurship

23.09.2021 ELANET project, News

The ELANET consortium is a network of European and Latin American universities and institutions in support of social entrepreneurship. Social Business Hub Styria is an associated partner. Currently, the project partners are conducting a cross-national study regarding the needs and challenges faced by social entrepreneurs and the role of universities to support them. This study concerns the following countries: Belgium, Austria, Italy and Bulgaria in Europe; and, Colombia, Bolivia, Perú and Ecuador in Latin America. 

If you are currently involved in any entrepreneurial activity that

(1) has a purpose of making contributions to your community, society or environment; or,

(2) faces a situation of social and economic vulnerability, you can consider yourself a social entrepreneur for the purposes of this study. 

You can contribute to the study by completing the survey.

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