BEST project final conference on 14 June 2021

09.06.2021 BEST project, News

The BEST project, funded by the EU AMIF programme, is a joint endeavour of 8 partners from Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy that have the common motivation to improve the effective integration of third country nationals (TCN) into the labour market through cooperation between public and private institutions. The BEST project emerged when working on projects that have as main focus economic and social integration of migrants where the need of offering specific strategies to TCN who would like to become self-employed and/or open their own business. The consortium implemented social entrepreneurship trainings in each partner-country.

The BEST project offered an opportunity to intensify and deepen the existing relationships between TCN, public authorities and NGOs while at the same time European integration policies are put into practise and the economic potential of TCN is being leveraged on a long-term.

The final conference was held on 14 June 2021 and highlighted the results of the project.

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